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Art Work

Below you will find a brief summary of the art work I created from 2014 to 2015, with the semi-biographical subject matter of both ‘Hands’ and ‘Scoliosis’.

Hands Project, 2015

“I began to realise how profound, from an artist’s point of view, the expression of the human hand is. Not only is it the most expressive part of the body, it’s a visible extension of the brain and feeling”- Barbara Hepworth

Family plays a significant role in my life and I chose to explore three generations of my family’s hands within this project.

Spinal Surgery Project, 2015

Having suffered from Scoliosis and undergone extensive spinal surgery to correct this, I decided to base a biographical project on the journey of my Scoliosis surgery.

Hands Project, 2014

Alongside this project on ‘Hands’, I extensively prepared for and came regional runner up in the art public speaking competition, ARTiculation. Here I was privileged enough to give a presentation to a crowd of artists and industry experts at The Hepworth Gallery about Barbara Hepworth’s ‘Hospital Drawings’.

The Hepworth Wakefield

Art has always been at the very core of my being. Through Barbara Hepworth I have found my voice in art and can quite comfortably call her my favourite artist. Because of the value I place on Barbara Hepworth, naturally I feel at home in the Hepworth Gallery.

My favourite room- it’s full of Hepworth sculptures.
I have quite an affinity with hands in art so adore this section in the gallery.

Several parts of the gallery are dedicated solely to Hepworth. These are the rooms which I could put a bed and a closet in, and happily live forever surrounded by my favourite works of art.

Amazing Lynda Benglis metallic work
The bizarre art is the best art
This is one of the most breath taking pieces, the sheer scale of these sculptures is incredible.
Lynda made me feel like Alice in Wonderland- this picture looks like I’m in a fairytale.

What strikes me in the Hepworth is how effectively other innovative artists are shown. The Lynda Benglis exhibition is completely breath taking and other worldly. An original way of working teamed with shadow play from the Hepworths spectacular lighting showcase make it truly magical.

One of the many quotes scattered around the walls of the gallery

If you ever find yourself near Wakefield then go to the Hepworth. For such a small gallery, it packs a punch yet one visit never seems enough for me. Finding a new quote on the wall or a sculpture that I previously missed feels so rewarding- it warms my heart and feeds my soul.